~ 2 Days ~ 4 Cupping Sets ~ 24 Treatments ~

NCBTMB  #451493-10  (16 CE's)
CA Board of Acupuncture  #957  (16 CE's)
Texas Approved CE Provider  #1565  (16 CE's)
Louisiana Board of Massage  #LAP0224  (16 CE's)
Natural Health Practitioners of Canada  (10 Points)
NYSED Approved CE Provider  #451493-10  (16 CE's)
Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba  (16 CoreHours)
Massage Therapy Association of Alberta  (9 Primary Hours)
Remedial Massage Therapy Association  (16 Primary Hours)
Florida CE Broker - FBOM, FBOA, FBAT  #50-10028  (16 CE's)
Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan  (16 Primary Hours)
CDHE - Colorado Division of Private Occupational Skills §23-64-101 Compliant






This workshop is designed for Cupping Therapists at the Intermediate Level of Cupping competency and who have been actively providing Cupping Therapy in their practice for at least 6 months. This curriculum builds upon the foundation of the Contemporary Cupping Methods Programs.

We understand that other Cupping Therapy training courses exist that may possibly meet the prerequsites for this workshop - please email Michelle with the outline of the training and a copy of your Continuing Ed Cupping certificate of the program you completed. Here's a link to the prerequisites for taking this training.

During this intensive 2 days you will spend during the Advanced Cupping Techniques Program your instructor will guide you through 24 protocols to effectively deal with dozens of issues most common among your patients and clients.

You'll walk away from this workshop, not only with a deeper understanding of how to provide relief, recovery and healing in these problems, but also richer intuitive skills to translate the theory and application to numerous other issues that will broaden your practice in ways that will amaze you and you'll feel prepared to do it.

This workshop is approximately 85% hands-on lab exchange format. The amount of time each team of practitioners gets hands on, is reliant on the level of Cupping competency those practioners have. The equipment used will be the Baguanfa Cups, Haciwuxing, EarthSpa Bells and Bell Tools. Each practitioner brings their own equipment for labwork.

You will cover the following Sports, Orthopedic, Stubborn Problems - upper body, lower body, prone and supine.

Dynamic Cupping Stationary Cupping Biomagnetic Cupping
Massage Cupping Facial Cupping Intermittant Cupping

Health Professionals are using this powerfully effective therapy in modern clinical and holistic settings to provide treatment to a huge spectrum of people.

The subjective findings derived from numerous Hospital, Clinics, Institutions, Spas and Private Practices has validated Cupping Therapy as being superior in the majority of applications compared to what health practitioners were previously using to treat their clientele. Objectively, patients are reporting the results as being "miraculous", with such overwhelming enthusiasm as to drive even the Allopathic Medical Industry to incorporate Cupping Therapy as a quantitatively effective and respected method of healing.

Cupping is an incredible modality that, among many other benefits, increases circulation, relaxes soft tissue and support, draws stagnation, pathogenic factors and toxins out of the body and releases a myriad of pain causing factors. Myofascia Release, Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification are only 3 of the numerous therapeutic results from Cupping.

Another extremely valuable aspect in using Cups to heal, is the reduced wear and tear to the practitioner. The physical repetitive activity is tough on the Healthcare Provider - tools used in Cupping greatly increase the practitioners’ comfort and physical longevity - thus extending the longevity of the therapists' career exponentially. This fact alone merits attention from every Medical Professional.

Order Equipment
Order Equipment


July 2022

Missoula, MT

Jul 14 - 15 ~ Th, Fr

Locations are based on the
Greater Metropolitan Region
August 2022

Chicago, IL

Aug 2 - 3 ~ T, W

Ottawa, ONT

Aug 22 - 23 ~ M, T

Atlanta, GA

Aug 30 - 31 ~ T, W

Locations are based on the
Greater Metropolitan Region
September 2022

Boise, ID

Sep 15 - 16 ~ Th, F

Locations are based on the
Greater Metropolitan Region
October 2022

State College, PA

Oct 10 - 11 ~ M, T

Colo Spgs, CO

Oct 18 - 19 ~ T, W

Coeur d'Alene

Oct 20 - 21 ~ Th, F

Toledo, OH

Oct 23 - 24 ~ S, M

Locations are based on the
Greater Metropolitan Region
November 2022

Syracuse, NY

Nov 4 - 5 ~ F, S

Billings, MT

Nov 17 - 18 ~ Th, F

Locations are based on the
Greater Metropolitan Region
December 2022

San Diego, CA

Dec 5 - 6 ~ M, T

Locations are based on the
Greater Metropolitan Region


Advanced Cupping Techniques Tuition

Tuition is $465. USD
Early Registration Discount ~ $420. USD

~ Paid in full 30 days before workshop
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Please snailmail any of these other forms of payment to:

PO Box 2531
Priest River, ID 83856

Download the Registration Form here and include this with your payment

Workshop Cancellation Refund Policy

Effective November 1, 2019- Paypal no longer refunds the fees incurred when issuing refunds - the fee is 3.5% of the total charged.

> We have a 24 hour Buyer's Remorse clause that allows for a 100% full refund, minus Paypal Fees of 3.5%.

> Up to 25 days before the workshop, we refund tuition 100% - less $50.00 administration fee and Paypal Fees of 3.5%. 

> Between 15 and 25 days before the workshop starts, 50% refunded - less $50.00 administration fee and Paypal Fees of 3.5%. 

> Less than 15 days - no refunds.

> Cancellation and rebooking must be made in writing via Email to workshops@cuppingtherapy.org.

> Special group rates are NONREFUNDABLE; the normal refund policy does not apply.

ICTA reserves the right to cancel a workshop up to 2.5 weeks prior to the date.

Do not purchase airline tickets until you have confirmation from us that your dates are being held. ICTA will not be responsible for airline ticket penalties, interruptions of travel, hotel expenses, lost or damaged property.

ICTA will not be held responsible for forgotten, untended or cancelled email addresses or non-functioning phone numbers to make proper contact with those registered. Registrants MUST contact ICTA in the even they change their contact information.

You will receive emails from us:

1) Within 48 business hrs after registering. You MUST respond with all the required information within 3 days or your tuition will be refunded and an administrative fee of $50.00 will be charged!

2) Once the instructor chooses the venue location and

3) About 1 week before your dates from your instructor directly.

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THESE EMAILS - then contact the office IMMEDIATELY and make sure we have the correct email address for you!

No solicitations will be allowed in or during the workshops. No recordings, digital media, texting or phone calls allowed in workshops. One warning will be given to anyone who violates these policies.

Student Transfer Policy

All students will be allowed 1 workshop transfer with no penalty as long as the workshop date is greater than 30 days away. If a student wishes to transfer to another workshop at less than 30 days to the workshop date, but greater than 25 days from the workshop date, there will be a $50 transfer fee.

Transfers are not allowed when the workshop date is less than 25 days away and the student will be subject to the refund policy (50% tuition forfeiture up until 7 days before the workshop, then 100% forfeiture).

We understand emergencies can happen and waivers can be made on a case by case basis with documentation provided by the student to be reviewed by our Director of Education.

Documentation required may include receipts, physician note, airfare receipts, etc.

Transfer requests must be made in writing via Email to workshops@cuppingtherapy.org.

Location Information

The ICTA has a strict privacy policy for our students. Only those regisrtered for our workshop is allowed to know the location of their training.

Because our workshops are practitioner-exchange based and require a massage table and equipment / supply table for every 2 - 3 students, we need to contract for an appropriately sized space. Cramped rooms are not good for our training protocols.

The instructor will decide the location of the training venue about 3 - 4 weeks in advance of the workshop and it is based on how many are on their roster. The Educator will email those on their rosters with the logistical details.  

Locations are based on the Greater Metropolitan Region.
In other words, as with all seminars provided by professional accredited education providers, although the location listed may be the most recognizable city, the actual location may not in the city proper - but somewhere in that citys' Metropolitan Region. This allows for more flexibility and keeps prices lower, often makes for easier logistical access and usually complimenetary parking and other nice benefits to the students attending and staying at the hotels.

Additionally our instructors are usually coming in from out of town, so they are equally sensitive to placing the workshop in a location that is as convenient as possible. 

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