Client Testimonials


I am amazed at the profound effect of the Cupping treatment and how quick the results occurred. I wasn't expecting as much of an emotional release of "crud", but my channels were opened and negative energy released.

- Beatrice Frankovich

I am a fan of massage in general, and receive massage by various practitioners, as I travel often. Over the past few months, my local therapist, began incorporating Cupping into my sessions. Moving the cups and utilizing negative pressure is it's own modality of massage. The benefits I've experienced include increased relaxation and the effectiveness in decreasing soreness and pain from tough areas is exemplary. I now enjoy the utilization of the cups in my local sessions as they are positively significant to the results of each massage treatment.

- Edward Goodridge Jr. CEO
Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians

At my massage appointments, my therapist has been using Massage Cupping techniques that have been very beneficial to my physical and mental health. Having Fibromyalgia and muscle adhesions are painful are not helped with just hot and cold packs alone. The Massage Cupping used on me releases my stuck muscles and allows circulation, it has ultimately helped in preventing chronic muscle pain and spasms.

- Kathleen A. Baker

I am an active person who has a gymnastic background. I have had few massages throughout my life and I am new to massage cupping.
It's always common for me to have a few places on my back that are tight or a bit sore. After my first MC treatment I was amazed at how much tightness was relieved. What I like most about MC is that it was able to get in deep and relieve my tension for good. After just a few sessions I could not believe that I had no sore spots. This is usual for me. As with any new type of treatments I may have been skeptical but after receiving the treatments and understanding it I am surprised that this modality it not more common. I would recommend it to anyone. With a trained practitioner of course.

- Litsa Olsson - Realtor

I feel that without my therapists' use of the cupping tools during my massage, the release of my painful stuck calf muscles and the deeper massage I'm getting and need would not be possible. Massage Cupping saves time and energy, and it resolves my pain quickly.

- Shelly Summers

I wanted to provide feedback on a new cupping technique I experienced. When I cfirst tried it I was feeling sore, tense and stressed out and Cupping was very helpful. I enjoy it and continue the treatment in other visits. The massage cupping has a cleansing effect and has purged toxin out of my body. Thank you for this wonderful treatment you provide.

- Victoria Yeager
Stillaguamish Tribal Member

I have been treated with negative pressure massage for the past 3 months. This type of therapy has offered me freedom from pain that I experienced in my upper shoulders and neck areas. The relief has been significant, and I can only discern that the "knots" in my shoulders have been alleviated due to the effective cupping massage performed. I am grateful for this therapy and encourage it's continued work.

- Sandy Gotts
Vocational Rehabilitation Couselor

I have had the pleasure of being 'Cupped', by my therapist. She didn't start using this treatment until the last few months, but when she did, I was amazed at the results! I had very tender spots on my arms, from the tops to the inner parts of my elbows that she had been working on with variuos techniques from rotating hot and cold compresses, deep tissue work etc., and when she started the cupping treatments, the areas softened and the pain was alleviated completely within a few treatments. She cups my back and and the tension seems to float away leaving me surrounded by warmth and relaxation.

Kelly D Baker
Hatchery Technician

Practitioner Testimonials


I can't tell you how much your workshop in March 2012 in Portland, ME has meant to me and my clients.
I have been working with the cups (all of them) since the workshop and the majority of my clients and new clients have had profound results.   Some examples:

> My husband now has a Cupping session once per week and he has range of motion in his legs that he has not had for a while!
> A dancer and tennis player that had supraspinatus tendon surgery and rehab times 1 year and still could not dance or play tennis is now pain free and doing both activities after 5 cupping sessions!!!!
> A woman came to me with abdominal complaints despite extensive medical treatment, and one day after 1 session with the Khangzoo cups she left a message for me indicating that she felt better than she has in a very long time and her acupuncturist wanted information on the technique. It was my second time doing the technique-the first was in class! I directed her acupuncturist to your web site.
> I have a 70 year old that has enjoyed the facial cupping and notices the decrease in his fine lines and deeper lines. I could go on and on. I love cupping!

I am so happy to be helping so many people quicker than before. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I am hoping you can come back this way for an advanced workshop. I am ready
I had to let you know how grateful I am for sharing your expertise.

- Linda Poire, LMP
Laconia, NH

I am getting such wonderful feedback and testimonials for cupping.  I did your sciatica routine and combined elements from bruce's on a 91 yr old for whom the medical clinic referred to me to help him with sciatica pain ...debilitating for him.  After 1 session he came back in 2 weeks and shared he had went square dancing and had not walked the floor since the cupping.  He was singing my praises for this wonderful therapy.  HE wondered if I could remove the pain in his feet  and he would feel like he was cured......  
Another gal I cupped for bursitis shared that this was the first time she's felt relief in over a year.  

Cupping has changed my practice.  

- Linda Flack, LMP
Ackley, IA

Followup report
My 91 yr client came today and with a quiver in his voice said, "You don't know what a  blessing it is to be able to sleep all night.  When I do get up to go the BR I can go right back to sleep.  Before I walked the floor or sat in a chair until morning.  I feel like I'm cured.  Just a tiny bit of burning in the bottom of my foot but I know after today you'll fix that too."    He plans to go square dancing tonight if he's not too tired.    His debilitating sciatica is gone.  

I wanted to share a story about one of my clients with you and how much massage cupping has helped them. This client is a high school student and was involved in a serious accident last year in a football game that left him with a broken back and a severe concussion. He has been suffering from headaches every day since the accident, sometimes migraines that were so bad he would throw up. He was suffering from double vision and couldn't read books, and really couldn't be anywhere bright (like outside) or where there was too much visual stimulation, like the movies, or even art galleries. He basically had to hide in the dark, and this was a high school kid! His mother even said he was struggling in school because of the accident. I had been doing massage on him, and also worked on his mother, and he had never disclosed to me the headaches he was suffering from. His mother was the one that told me, and I suggested to her we try the MC.

After the first session, he hated it because he was nauseous for two days and was 'covered in hickeys' (I had explained all of this to him!). But his headaches weren't as frequent. She was noticing a difference in her son. So I continued with the cupping with him. I've been working on him for about a month and the changes are amazing. His back doesn't bother him anymore, he doesn't get headaches, he can go to the movies, go dirtbiking, lift weights, read books, all things he hadn't been able to do for a year.

When I first saw him for massage, he would barely talk, and now he's talking all the time and cracking jokes. When his mother told me I had given her son back to her that she was missing for a year, I almost cried. Last week, his grandmother even stopped by the spa to thank me for helping him. If it wasn't for MC, they would still be searching for answers and pumping their son full of medications that weren't effective.

So once again, thank you for teaching massage cupping, sharing it with us so we can help others. And by the way, now this client looks forward to his appointments and feels energized after the treatments.

- Rebecca Brooks, LMP
Ellensburg, WA

I have been a LMP for 7.5 years, and have been Massage Cupping for about 19 months. Every time I use this modality - I am amazed.

After taking the class I was so excited to get back to work and use it. The very first client I used it on was also amazed with the results we had. She had been in an auto accident 6 months prior and was getting massage and chiropratic care to relieve the pain in her shoulders and neck. We were getting results with compression massage - but they were minimal and short lived. After her first seesions she felt great! A week later I saw her again and her pain had not returned!! I continue to have results like this one.

My specialty is deep tissue work, which can get quite uncomfortable at times. With Massage Cupping it is not painful. It is my hope that as a licensed massage therapist I will be able to continue using Massage Cupping for a long time.

- Jennifer Rhoeder, LMP
Ephrata, WA

My name is Anna C. Daniels, I'm a Washington State LMP and AMTA Member. I have been utilizing Massage Cupping since August, 2006. I incorporate cupping for relaxation and treatment work in my daily sessions (I practice 5-7 days per week) and I cannot imagine practicing massage without the utilization of my Massage Cups.

When I added Massage Cupping in August of 2006, I had become so familiar with how the majority of my clients bodies responded to the "regular" techniques that I had become accustomed to using on each, that when I incorporated Negative Pressure Massage with cups, I was able to very clearly differentiate the results of the cupping treatments almost immediately. When my clients got off the table and returned, the feedback I received matched my observations and palpation driven conclusions.

Not only does Mssage Cupping allow me to still utilize each massage stroke that I had been using in "regular" treatments, with less impact on my own muscles - it takes less time for the results!

Here are a few cases I would like to share:

  • I had a client 39 1/2 weeks pregnant that came in one Friday morning kind of bummed out. It is her first baby and her doctor that morning had told her that all signs said that nothing was going to start happening almost 2 weeks past her due date. Well her mom was going to be taking off (no flexibility) and her boyfriend was supposed to be going to the Phillipines - they had arranged their schedules so that they could be with her at the birth, but with this news from her Dr. - both would be gone. She asked me about pressure points and said she was willing to try anything!
    So, during her massage I did some pressure point work, incorporating the negative pressure cups w/the positive magnetics in place on her inner ankle, first right then left, for about 3 minutes. Later that evening, I was told that she went into labor and had her baby that around midnight, the baby was happy and healthy and everything is perfect.
  • I have a client with chronic fatigue and lots of HT's, and stress etc, etc.... This morning she was exhausted and her feet were swollen. I remembered you mentioning that inflammation was due to an overbalance of positive ions (thanks a lot for mentioning that too) so I cupped her hands and feet with the negative magnets. Right after she came out of the massage she said that her shoes were looser and she could tell that her feet weren't so swollen anymore. Then (because she works in the same clinic that I do) I passed by her and she's all rosy in the cheeks, and looking very happy.
  • Another client - a 16 year old girl with chronic neck/shoulder pain. She mainly holds everything stressful in her muscles, and rarely loosens up much, she also has bursitis in one of her shoulders... I have tried so many techniques with her, but it was the Negative Pressure Massage that was exactly what she needed. Instead of another session of pushing and pressing on her, the calming and healing lifting and stretching softened her up quick. She looked absolutely lethargic when she got off the table, but she was going home to sleep the day away anyway, so I made sure I saw her drinking 1-2 cups of water before she left. I spoke with her mom the next morning just to check on her and her mom said she was really relaxed and slept well.

- Anna C. Daniels, LMP
Mukilteo, WA

My name is Bella Lutminsky - I grew up having cupping done to me by my grandma in Romania. I have been doing massage since 1973. My practice is located at my private studio in San Francisco. I have the great pleasure of telling you about a success I am having in my massage practice that is unmatched in my history as a practitioner.

One client of mine, that I have been seeing for the last almost 12 years, is a 27 year old male with severe MS, diagnosed at age 8 and living dependant on his parents since his diagnosis. Most of the last 7 years he arrives at my studio in his chair and only with difficulty are we able to get him on and off the table. At home - he has problems sleeping, eating, toileting, sitting, standing...or doing most anything other than laying in his bed listening to soft music. The rigidity in his muscles at times is so intense that I can only hope that I have provided him some comfort and relief - it is so very heartbreaking. Throughout he remain cheerful and apologetic to his difficulties.

Shortly after I began doing the cupping in my practice, I was talking to his Father and I mentioned the cupping - he asked me to try it on his son. He signed the release form and I did as he requested, although I have to tell you I was quite nervous about this, knowing the frail condition of this young man. I began very gently, using my rubber cups and, within 2 minutes I noticed he was relaxing some - really relaxing! I continued working in this manner on his shoulders, back and gluteals - he fell asleep on the table (he's never done this before). I turned him over and did some cupping on his pectorals and scalenes (always extraordinarily contracted) and although initially there was some discomfort, he asked me to continue. Again he fell asleep, which I let him do for a while as he sleeps so little. He looked absolutely drugged as his father wheeled him out of the treatment room (we both were more than a little concerned).

Well, the next morning there was a message on my office service to please call the home of this client (I was very, very worried). When I called them, his Mom answered and when she heard who was calling she began crying... she couldn't believe it... something about scrambled eggs...I couldn't tell if good or bad was occurring. The Father got on the line and told me that when he'd arrived home the evening before - his son drank some tomato soup and went to bed..... he slept soundly through the entire night - 13+ hours! He awoke early and got up, on his own to make scrambled eggs for the family. His Father described him as alert, laughing and telling jokes. He sounded very happy and thanked me several times before making an appointment for later on that week.

Since then I have continued to perform Massage Cupping on this young man as he continues to take steps towards a truly better quality of life. He seems to do better in the days following our treatments - so they increased his visits with me to 2x per week. He is now walking alot more, eating, toileting more regularly. As well, he wants to go more places and do things - he didn't like going anywhere before.

I don't know where this is going to end up taking him - but we are going to find out. Thanks for the opportunity to share...and much more for the knowledge and tools to help someone so deserving. I feel blessed.

- Bella Lutminsky, LMBT, PT
San Francisco, CA

I want to share with you some experiences Iam having with cupping:

The first is a lady in her late 30's that is built like a man. Very strong and very tough. She has been coming to me every week for about 4 months getting the Ashiatsu therapy. It has helped but she always has some stubborn areas especially in the shoulders. I used the blue rubber cups and she got immediate relief! She had alot of sha by the end of the session but she was happy with the results.

The next is a client who I see weekly and is a large, strong woman who has the tennis elbow I was asking you about. I did the neg/pos. cupping up and down her arm as you suggested and she had immediate relief. The swelling went down. I also cupped her chronicly tight L shouder with wonderful results.

My final experience of the day was one of my regular weekly clients who suffers from chronic knee pain and a weird bump of tightness in her hip that happened when her first kid was born over 30 years ago. They sent her to physical therapy for it at the time but it didn't help. I did small cups all around her knee - she had a measure of relief right away and the next day felt even more relief. I did cupping on her hip with the blue cups - on & around the bump that had been there for 3 decades - - and it came out! She is ecstatic.

I had another amazing experience with cupping. I have a long time client who had surgery on both wrists, one for carpal tunnel and one for something else. She has not been able to fully open or close her hands in years. I placed the smallest rubber cup on the palm of each hand of one of my clients. I left them on for about half the session and when I took them off she could open and close her hands with ease and without pain! It has continued to stay that way too!

Needless to say I am very excited about all this! My first facial is booked for tommorrow and I can't wait to see the results.

- Donna Rowell, LMT
Indianatown, FL

My 3 yr old niece has never been "normal" in her bowel movements - lots of severe constipation, pain, enemas - it has been very difficult and now their doctor is suggesting a colostomy bag for her! After you & I talked about doing the massage cupping yesterday, I did the procedure on my little niece, she was a little scared, laying there holding her tiny hands up in the air, but I reassured her that I would never hurt her, and told her everything that I was doing. When we got to the top of the lg intestine (location was at around 1:00), the cup became "stuck." So, I jiggled it around to loosen it up. She said that it hurt, but no sooner that she said that it released.

About 1 1/2 to 2 hours later, you wouldn't have believed her diaper! (they've been trying to potty-train her, but i think it may be a little more difficult with someone who has defecation problems). The diaper was HEAVY and my sister-in-law said that she had never seen Kaile poop like that. They said it was like peanut butter (lol), just like you describe what it should be like! Later that evening again she filled her diaper. I am thinking that she had a twisted intestine, and even though we can't see the intestines, I think it got straightened out, by lifting and moving.

My sister is relieved and somewhat shocked that such a simple treatment could end years of pain and frustration and give back to my niece a normal life.

Right on, Jesse. I love this stuff!

- K. O'Brien
Puyallup, WA

I just wanted to drop you a couple of lines and check in with you with some feedback on how cupping massage is going with the elderly clients @ the assisted living home. First of all, one of the challenges I had was educating them that this treatment was beneficial to their overall circulation. I am having great results, more people are signing up and I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with the skills necessary to make a difference.

-C. Fedd

Workshop Feedback

Evaluation Forms Feedback Feedback Post Workshop

This feedback comes directly from the 2012- 2014 Workshop Evaluation Forms the students fill out at the end of class:

The rich content and presentation were just EXCELLENT.
Extremely informative & the information was laid out so clearly - it definitely kept me interested & engaged during the 3 days - I've already signed up for the advanced workshops in class today... I cannot wait - Whoo Hoo!
~ Portland, Maine

This was without a doubt the very best training we've experienced in the UK or Europe.
We travel and take many different health care seminars all over the UK and in Europe (even some in China and Thailand) and this has been the most valuble, interactive and information rich curriculums we've ever experienced - please come back to the UK with more ICTA seminars!!!
~ London, UK

Superb Workshop – I am so excited to move forward with my clients and I feel totally prepared.
~ Los Angeles, California

This was one of the best courses I have taken – it was a phenomenal experience.
~ Atlanta, Georgia

Straight forward, relaxed and enthusiastic -not pretentious at all. Material was presented in a logical, organized manner that flowed very well. Excellent – by far the best I’ve ever taken.
~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Approachable, clear instruction –interesting & entertaining as well! I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the healthcare profession. My favorite workshop yet due to the amazing content, practical application and excellent instruction –Loved It! Thanks!
~ Alaskan Cruise

Very relaxed, practical and informative. This was the most fun and informative workshop I’ve had in a long time... thank you.
~ Nashville, Tennessee

This workshop was worth every penny. Highly enjoyable and I was more than satisfied withwith the quality education provided. I look forward to further education ICTA opportunities.
~ Boston, Massachusetts

This is just about the finest class I can recall taking in my career. It is the one modality that will most change my practice. It has without a doubt transformed how I will approach and treat tissue from here on out.
~ Toronto

I’m very excited about this program! My mind just races with all of the new possibilities for my clients. I hope I have just a portion of the success my instructor has had, I am so blessed that I was able to be here.
~ New York City

I am nationally licensed for Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai, along with my other training which I feel is extensive for the massage industry. This presentation was the BEST! And by far!
~ Bismarck

Very relaxed, you clearly care that we understand & can use this work. Amazing visuals–no need to take notes during lecture – that is so important. This is by a long way one of the best classes I’ve attended in 20 yrs! Loved the class size. No Ego. Great Instruction. Perfect.
~ Kent

I just thought it was all great. So helpful hearing the clinical applications and outcomes. Loved it, got exactly what I wanted from this course and then some 10 out of 10!
~ Minneapolis

Email we receive from graduates after their workshops...

Contemporary Cupping Methods is my new favorite course. You learn the skills of cupping while you receive a healing detox. I used my new techniques the following work day and my clients loved it. The results of this work are immediately tangible and numerous... my kind of therapy!

- K. Zimmer ~ Tummy Temple

Far more in depth than the Cupping Class I took before - it far exceeded my expectations.

I just loved this class! The instructor was so great in creating a safe, comfortable learning environment. Astute, patient, and generous.

- O. Polakov

Thorough, articulate, engaging, comfortable - very well thought out. Taking the fear out of using an implement in massage work. The positives of this modality are huge.

I think that this modality will be incorporated into most LMP practices over time. I am so glad I was able to get in on it at the beginning.

- N. Dobies

Loved the laid back professionalism - not the "Halo Effect" - just an incredible experience.

I expected that the Seminar would be helpful but, I was mistaken... it was extremely beneficial to my future!

Thanks So Much!

- C. Parsons

This workshop is far superior to the Cupping class I'd previously taken in content, techniques, equipment ... pretty much in every way.

I feel so much more confident and ready to expand my money making potential now - thank you, thank you , thank you..

- P. Faulkner

The instructor was clear, precise, easy to follow - the presentations were rich with valuble information and every question I asked was thoroughly answered without reserve.

I so enjoyed your program. I have been a Massage Therapist since 1989 and have attended dozens of classes on massage therapies and this is the best seminar I have ever attended.

- E. Luce

The workshop was very well rounded - great visual program & lecture. The instructor was very knowledgable & enthusiastic - great demo's - very attentive & helpful during exchanges.

Very informative on the variety of uses for cupping & the availability of different cupping equipment. The hands on practice of different applications was so fun & wonderful to learn - loved the clients that came in for the demo's.

I had pretty low expectations based on all of the other classes I have taken. This workshop far exceeded everything!

- M. Bennett

The class environment and all the support I have received since, help to create a bond between each other - very important for our sucess as a community. Thank you so much for your generosity and inspiring and encouraging us to explore and discover Cupping even further.

- R. Diaz

Amicable. Professional. Extraordinarily knowledgeable. All that and still patient, kind and approachable. Equipment exposure and the awesome facial routine was awesome! I loved this class.

- J. Abbey

Very passionate & knowledgable, very, very informative. This class has taken my practice to a whole new level. It's hard to pinpoint exactly the most helpful. Overall, the new understanding about the nature of Cupping and what it can do has been a REAL eye opener.

This class was wonderful and I am pleasantly surprised. I came to it by word of mouth without much expectations, and I am amazed at what I've gotten.

- K. Lowe

Very attentive to individual needs. Passionate about Negative Pressure Massage protocols. Comfortable atmosphere - a wealth of information.

Lot's of additional information on biomagnetics, lymphatics, facia and detox & how to incorporate these into our practice with the Massage Cupping - so, so much.

Really Fantastic!

- J. Hyland

You are so enthusiastic with everything you share in your workshop and this makes it very enjoyable and exciting to be in your class.

Everything about this class was right on. I know we learn from constructive criticism - but I honestly have none for you, sorry.

This class was PERFECT. You have really found your calling with what you are doing. I have taken a lot of continuing ed in the last 14 years and this is one of the best classes ever.

- A. Patraw

The presentations were given with such passion and conviction, which made me so excited to learn & share the same energy with my clients. The time the instructor took with the excellent visuals & then physically show how to apply was extremely helpful.

I have been able to sucessfully incorporate the majority of what I learned into my current practice, with unbelievable results. My clients are going nuts for this stuff - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This workshop was, without question, above and beyond the other continuing ed classes around...I want more like this one.

- R. Tallman

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