We at the ICTA, EarthSpa R&D and Hologiadyne Labs regard the safety and concerns of our Students, Members and Customers with the utmost level of respect, concern and care.

We are in constant contact with the CDC, WHO, ECDC, NHC and DXY and International Agencies to access daily the accuracy and ramifications of this current healthcare concern.


For those purchasing Cupping Equipment ~ we are taking extra steps to sanitize the internal and external packaging as we are assembling our equipment, processing the orders and packaging up your shipment. BUT, since we cannot determine who will be handling your packages between our hands and your hands, please take some extra care in handling your package as there are various reports that the virus (not just of COVID-19, but most influenza strains) can remain active on surfaces for extended periods. You should take care with ALL incoming packages and mail you receive, not just ours.


To those of you currently registered for a ICTA Cupping Workshops ~ we are at this time, postponing the classes between March 15 - May 7. We will be setting up dates to move those registered to the new dates that should allow those effected to rearrange their schedules, yet not so far off that you cannot get your training ASAP.

We value your investment of funds, time, energy and rearranged schedules to take our training programs and we hold that in the highest regard. We are taking extra efforts to ensure that your training is safe, sanitary and stress free an experience as humanly possible - to this we are dedicated.

We will be reassessing this "quarantine" end of May 7th on April 15th, based on the information available at that time.

For those considering registering for on our the ICTA Cupping Classes - please consider the workshop dates that fall after May 7th.


We expect that within the next couple months this too will pass and we can all return to a happy, healthy and normal state of being.



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